🦋 About Us 🦋

Thanks for visiting our Nature Art Butterflies!  We are located in Bradenton-Sarasota Florida.  Our processing time is usually within a few days and shipping in the U.S.A. is free.  

I have been designing butterfly displays for 20 years and take great pride in the quality of my work which is why I sign each display. Nature Art Butterflies can be seen at galleries, museums and butterfly garden/atrium gift shops all over the U.S.A. 

If you have any questions on ordering, product information or custom orders, please call us anytime at: 941-524-0580 or use the "contact" link at the bottom of the page. We love what we do, and no question is too small! 

ALL OF OUR BUTTERFLIES are A/1 collection quality. No butterfly is harmed in the making of this artwork. We do not catch or kill any of our butterflies and all of our butterflies are inspected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We keep a high standard that our butterflies are sourced from conservation-friendly locations. The average lifespan of a butterfly is 30 days. 

All OF OUR DISPLAYS are made from the same high grade, durable, crystal-clear acrylic that can been seen protecting priceless artifacts in many museums. All of the display case edges are flame-polished for a smoother elegant presentation. We fabricate our own acrylic displays so we can design any custom size that is requested. 

EACH DISPLAY comes with an elegant description card as seen in the photos on each display item page. You can personalize your own card at checkout. 

CONSERVATION-FRIENDLY! By combining environmental concerns and economic development, butterfly farming helps threatened habitats as well as human well-being. Currently used by conservation organizations, such as the Nature Conservancy and WWF, Butterfly farming helps save rainforest habitat by providing locals an alternative income to agricultural farming and logging, which destroys tropical forest. for more info, Google "butterfly farming".

MADE TO LAST! Our butterflies are treated and preserved to avoid decomposition over the years. They will last a lifetime if not dropped or mishandled. The fact that we can ship our displays all over the world is proof of their long-term durability unlike the butterfly displays and frames in the "old days" WE MAKE OUR DISPLAYS TO LAST A LIFETIME.

WE CAN REPRODUCE any butterfly displays you might have owned, seen online, seen in galleries or seen during your travels. Just send us a photo and we can give you a price quote. More than likely, we are usually a lot less expensive and better quality than any butterfly art out there. Our reviews will confirm this. 

ASK ABOUT CUSTOM ORDERS. We can substitute butterflies in any case. We can also cut our acrylic cases into any size or dimension you need. We work with many interior designers so we know everyone has certain size preferences that might not be offered on our website. Just call or message me if you need a specific butterfly display size that isn't on our list.

OUR BUTTERFLY JEWELRY is made with real butterfly wings and placed in .950 silver not cheap sterling. We do pendants, earrings and bracelets. We are always changing our designs. All butterfly wing jewelry is sealed on the front and back in crystal-clear, high-quality acrylic and framed with the silver. Unlike cheap imported jewelry, we are not limited to using butterfly wings native to that country of origin. We can use wings from farms anywhere in the world.

FREE SHIPPING on our smaller displays and all butterfly wing Jewelry anywhere in the USA. We also now ship internationally. If you need your order faster than the specified shipping time, please contact me with your request.

Thank you! John Jurek-Nature Art