About Us

Thank you for visiting Nature Art Butterflies, located in Bradenton-Sarasota, Florida. We take pride in offering prompt processing times and complimentary shipping throughout the United States.

With over two decades of experience designing butterfly displays, I personally ensure the highest quality in each piece, proudly signing every display. Nature Art Butterflies adorn galleries, museums, and butterfly garden gift shops across the nation.

For inquiries regarding orders, product details, or custom designs, please feel free to reach out to us at 941-524-0580 or via the "contact" link at the bottom of our page. We are passionate about our work and eager to assist with any questions.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the sourcing of our butterflies, all of which are A/1 collection quality and ethically procured from conservation-friendly habitats. We adhere strictly to guidelines set by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to ensure no harm comes to these delicate creatures.

Each of our displays is meticulously crafted from durable, crystal-clear acrylic, the same material trusted to protect priceless artifacts in esteemed museums. Our acrylic displays are custom-fabricated, allowing us to accommodate any size specifications requested by our customers.

Every display includes an elegant description card, customizable to enhance your appreciation of our butterfly artistry.

At Nature Art Butterflies, we champion conservation through butterfly farming, promoting both environmental sustainability and local economic development. This practice supports habitats threatened by traditional farming and logging methods, aligning with initiatives led by organizations such as the Nature Conservancy and WWF.

Our commitment to longevity is evident in the treatment and preservation of our butterflies, ensuring they remain pristine for a lifetime with proper care. This durability allows us to confidently ship our displays worldwide, a testament to their lasting quality unlike traditional butterfly displays of the past.

We offer a unique service to replicate any butterfly display you've encountered, often at a more competitive price point and superior quality than other offerings in the market. Our satisfied customers attest to this in their reviews.

For those seeking bespoke solutions, we specialize in custom orders, including butterfly substitutions and tailored acrylic dimensions. We collaborate closely with interior designers to meet specific size preferences not listed on our website.

Explore our exquisite butterfly wing jewelry, expertly crafted from .950 silver and encased in high-quality acrylic for lasting beauty and durability. Our designs feature wings sourced globally, transcending geographical limitations found in mass-produced alternatives.

Enjoy complimentary shipping within the USA on smaller displays and all butterfly wing jewelry, with international shipping options now available. Should you require expedited delivery, please contact us directly to accommodate your timeline.

Thank you for considering Nature Art Butterflies. Stay updated on our latest creations by following us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram at "nature art butterflies" or by visiting our Etsy page.

Warm regards,

John Jurek
Nature Art Butterflies